Sunday, February 26, 2012

8 months later

I was debating about ending this blog and focusing on my new one (Pivotal Trial), but I decided not to. I think there's room for a professional blog and a personal blog on my random musings. So let me take a minute to catch you up on my life.

After winning Cohort Cup, the following things happened:

-Surfed in the Dominican Republic for 1 week. Significantly improved my surfing.
-Interned at Medtronic in the Pulmonic group in marketing.
-Went on the Lebanon Trek. Had a blast.
-Finished my last semester at Wharton. Was pretty stressed most of the semester because of recruiting.
-Spent 3 weeks in India. Visited Bombay, Aurangabad, Nasik, Goa, and Bangalore.
-Started a new job at Boston Scientific. I'm a Product Manager managing Leads and Tools for the Spinal Cord Stimulator product. I'm in LA.

Great, so now you are all caught up. Stay tuned for more regular updates.
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